• A Planet of Smoothies

  • Posted on December 24, 2015
  • Planet Smoothie has been known as the home of the best tasting smoothie on the planet, thus the name. It is more than just another smoothie store, though, it is a location where people come to get a snack, recharge their energy, and get a little boost for the rest of the day. The staff have been well-trained on how to greet and treat customers throughout their experience and they take their role seriously. Planet Smoothie stores are cheerful places where one can get a unique and delicious product given to you by someone with a smile.

    However, as alluring as Planet Smoothie is to customers looking for a health and energizing snack, it is even more exciting to entrepreneurs looking for a franchising opportunity. This is because Planet Smoothie has a proven record of sales that speaks to its incredible growth across its many locations.

    Planet Smoothie is a franchise system in which each store is owned and operated independently by a team of entrepreneurs. Planet Smoothie has more than one-hundred stores spread across the United States. Entrepreneurs who want to uphold the brand standards of Planet Smoothie and become part of the company in order to advance the company's interest and start their own business are welcome to express interest to Planet Smoothie to that effect. The corporate structure is known for providing significant support to all of their franchise locations.

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